Selle Royal presents the new On Open saddle, specifically for e-bikes

ON Open was born from the development of the On saddle and completes the Selle Royal range of seats designed specifically for e-bikes. Offering customers the possibility to choose a design with a pressure-relieving central hole, On Open maintains the unique characteristics that have made the On range a reference point for all types of e-bikes and road bikes: comfort, style, and functionality.

Implementing the same technical solutions already present in On, On Open responds to the needs of riders who prefer a saddle with a central cut-out, which relieves pressure in the perineal area and offers greater ischial support.

On Open is available for three Riding Positions—Athletic, Moderate and Relaxed—to match the intended riding positions for a wide variety of bike types.

“Like all Selle Royal products, On Open was born from the concrete needs of the cyclist: in this case, for those who prefer a saddle with a central hole. This has always been our way of innovating: starting with the person and their experience in the saddle. For Selle Royal, design goes hand in hand with functionality, and all the features of this product have been created or implemented starting from the everyday life of those who choose an e-bike to get around the city, ride with the family, or enjoy a short trip,” says Lara Cunico, Selle Royal Brand Manager.

Designed to meet the specific needs of e-bike riders, the ON Open family follows the guidelines defined by a collaborative study together with Designworks, a BMW group company. This research identified the ideal characteristics and functions for an e-bike saddle, those most useful for facilitating electric-assisted pedalling:

1- a structure capable of absorbing the acceleration of the electric motor to minimise any possible backward sliding while allowing a more regular pedalling action

2- a handle on the back of the saddle for moving the e-bike more safely and easily, taking into account the e-bike’s greater weight compared to a normal bike

3- a comfortable padding, useful for an e-bike’s longer average riding time

Selle Royal was the first company to create a product that answers these unique needs, combining comfort and functionality in a minimal and attractive design.

After extensive testing and a positive response from cyclists, the E-Fit Design, with its waved shape and raised rear, has proven effective in enhancing the e-bike riding experience. Consistent with the All Journeys cluster, to which the On Open family belongs, it is designed to offer comfort to every type of e-biker, from urban commuter to touring cyclist.

Technical features
The On Open’s technical features address practical needs and are aimed at making every e-ride safer and more enjoyable:

E-Fit design – waved profile to help e-bikers find the correct position in the saddle; raised rear section to support cyclists and prevent backward sliding; flexible sides to increase stability and facilitate movement during long rides.

Central hole with anti-road-spray net: the shape with a central hole is a response to the requests of cyclists who need more relief in the perineal area and more lateral and rear support; a net, covering the central hole, protects the cyclist from getting wet.

E-Grip – a soft, integrated handle with a knurled surface that makes it easier to move the e-bike on foot, making each ride simpler, safer, and more comfortable.

Royalgel™ – Selle Royal’s patented technology that absorbs pressure and distributes it evenly across the surface of the saddle, guaranteeing support and comfort both during long rides and while simply waiting at traffic lights.

Integrated Clip System – for easy attachment of Selle Royal accessories.

On Open is available through select retailers and at for the price of € 89.90.