PRO Bikegear launches the PRO DISCOVER Aero Carbon Handlebar and PRO DISCOVER Stem 10 to combine aerodynamic gains

Aerodynamic gains in gravel frames, and wheels for all-day riding or fast-paced racing, have become the norm, yet dedicated aerodynamic cockpits have been in short supply.

PRO’s DISCOVER Aero Carbon Handlebar now addresses this need for speed and efficiency, while prioritizing comfort, control, integration, and precise bike fitment. The latter is further enhanced through the addition of the PRO DISCOVER Stem 10 to the brand’s range of dedicated DISCOVER gravel stems.

For gravel racers, explorers or adventurers who demand aerodynamic efficiency the PRO DISCOVER Aero Carbon Handlebar is a full-fledged performance upgrade.

Developed to empower you towards a superior ride, the handlebar features a compact drop with 12 degrees of flare, aerodynamically optimized tops, with a downslope for neutral hand support, and a 4-degree forward sweep to encourage a more aerodynamic body position.

The handlebar’s carbon construction, with strategically placed Dyneema® fibers, offers superb compliance and reduces vibrations, which in turn reduces fatigue on your ride. Control is ensured through the 12-degree flare, while the ergonomic curve to the drops considers shifter and brake integration to ensure ease of shifting and braking across even the roughest of gravel terrain.

The PRO DISCOVER Aero Carbon Handlebar addresses the need of gravel riders to provide a truly aerodynamic cockpit, which is robust enough for the harshest unpaved roads.Mark Kikkert, PRO Bikegear’s Product Development Team Manager

“With all PRO components it has been thoroughly tested, both in the laboratory and in real world conditions. The combination of the new aero handlebar’s functionality and aesthetics will help gravel riders not only optimize and personalize their bikes, but empower them with improved real-world efficiency, through aerodynamics and ergonomics.”

The new PRO DISCOVER Aero Carbon Handlebar launches alongside the PRO DISCOVER Stem 10 range.

With a flipable ±10-degree angle, the PRO DISCOVER Stem 10 is constructed from AL 7075 alloy using 3D forging and CNC machining manufacturing techniques and is available in seven lengths from 60 to 120 millimeters (mm), with a standard 31.8 mm clamping diameter. Compared to the existing PRO DISCOVER Stem, featuring a ±6-degree angle, the PRO DISCOVER Stem 10 allows for the perfect bike fit.

“Integrated cockpits might be all the rage right now, but for the vast majority of riders the combination of a handlebar and stem simply allows for a better bike fit”, Mark Kikkert confirmed.

“For the PRO DISCOVER range, where comfort and control are our primary aims, it makes sense to provide a diversity of products, and a wide selection of handlebar widths and stem lengths. The PRO DISCOVER Aero Carbon Handlebar is available in 40-, 42- and 44-centimeter-wide versions, while the new PRO DISCOVER Stem 10 adds seven stem length options to the six already provided by the existing PRO DISCOVER Stem.”

Setting the Standard for Gravel

The PRO DISCOVER Aero Carbon Handlebar and the PRO DISCOVER Stem 10 are also the first PRO DISCOVER components to be put to the new PRO Gravel Standard test.

As the first gravel products to be tested under the PRO Gravel Standard protocol, the PRO DISCOVER Aero Carbon Handlebar and PRO DISCOVER Stem 10 are establishing a new standard in gravel safety.

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In keeping with modern functionality and aesthetics the PRO DISCOVER Aero Carbon Handlebar as well as the PRO DISCOVER Stem 10 are compatible with semi-internal cable routing.

Both electronic and traditional cable actuated shifter cables and hydraulic brake hoses are hidden from the wind in key areas, where they would otherwise cause drag, but are accessible to home and bike store mechanics for servicing. This offering provides the best of both worlds and maintains a sleek, streamlined, look to the PRO DISCOVER Aero cockpit, which will be put to the ultimate test by Laurens ten Dam at Life Time’s UNBOUND Gravel, on June 1, 2024, in Emporia, Kansas, USA – the World’s premier Gravel event.

“Gravel racing is getting more and more competitive in the last decade,” said PRO Ambassador and elite Gravel Racer, Laurens ten Dam. “I am finally covered to a more aero setup while racing, and I can’t wait to rock these handlebars in the big one, UNBOUND!”

Technical Specifications

PRO DISCOVER Aero Carbon Handlebar

  • Constructed from UD T700 carbon with Dyneema® fibers for optimized compliance
  • Flare: 12 degrees
  • Forward Sweep: 4 degrees
  • Drop: Compact 100mm drop
  • Reach: 72mm
  • Clamping diameter: 31.8mm
  • Widths: 40, 42 and 44cm
  • Weights: from PRHA0584 – 265g / PRHA0585 – 280g / PRHA0586 – 285
  • Compatible with PRO Compact Carbon Clip-On aero extension


  • 3D forged and CNC machined AL 7075 alloy construction
  • Compatible with electronic shift wires
  • Flipable design
  • Angle: ±10 degrees
  • Steerer diameter: 1 1/8
  • Length: 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110 and 120mm
  • Clamping diameter: 31.8mm
  • Weight: from 142g
  • Compatible with the PRO Computer Mount

For more information on the full range of PRO DISCOVER gravel components, as well as PRO’s road and mountain biking product lines visit PRO products carry a lifetime warranty; based on a 10-year expected lifetime.